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So di non sapere – I know that I know nothing

May 18 @ 4:00 pm - June 15 @ 8:00 pm

We are happy to invite you to the opening of SO DI NON SAPERE – I KNOW THAT I KNOW NOTHING, on Saturday 18th of May, from 4pm-8pm at De Meldkamer in Maastricht.

“The only thing that I know is that I know nothing.” – Socrates. 

In an information-saturated society – where knowledge comes from different mediums, resources, disciplines, fields and perspectives – are we still able to question the limits of what we know?  In the Western world, most school books and academic texts are written by (and also for) White men. But how can we extend our knowledge? Can we look for other sources of wisdom? Where can we search for answers? At what point can we confidently say that we know something?

How can we listen to the different perspectives or various types of understanding the world around us? What can we learn from others, humans and non-humans?

We should all get lost and unsettled, unlearn to understand, shuffle and regain knowledge again and again. We should broaden our horizons, break down our knowledge, trust different feelings that our body has, and engage in conversations and observations with others—human and nonhuman entities—to finally learn. 

This exhibition presents an invitation to get lost, question your knowledge and embrace new ways of learning from others, valuing the knowledge you bring to your own surroundings, acquired through your own body, via non-human entities or thanks to strangers. 

Fascinated by awareness and ignorance, Anna Püschel began collecting definitions of words related to knowledge from various sources, from medieval texts to modern dictionaries. These definitions – some objectively true, others with questionable veracity – are brought together in her Encyclopedia of the Uncertain, a work that redefines referencing, boldly juxtaposing French poetry to conspiracy theories, recipes and political essays. Regardless of their origin, the definitions show that we have always yearned for the truth.

As individuals in uncertain times, we not only have the right but also the duty to look for truth and not blindly follow the loudest voices that (un)knowingly propagate falsities. Instead, we must acknowledge what we do not know and listen for nuances, for there is beauty in uncertainty however difficult it may be to accept this. This very same feeling can also be found in Fedrik Vaessen‘s work. 

Otherworldly forms evolve into functionally unclear sculptures with symbolic, sci-fi-inspired undertones as he assembles mechanical parts, horns, ornaments, tubes, waxy matter and self-made objects. Fluids intertwine, intricately binding these organisms into new hybrid creatures. Their skin is a shiny tissue that breathes life into the works, yet the means by which they are sustained keeps them alive in a mysterious way. With his works, Fedrik raises uncertainty in a world where we want to control and explain everything, reflecting Gladys Zeevaarders‘ openness towards whatever others can bring – the so-called strangers in her Post op de mat project. 

“I learn the most from the conversation that I could not understand.”

Gladys Zeevaarders shared this discovery about her project Post op de mat during a preliminary Zoom conversation. Over the course of one year, people, friends, and strangers were invited to participate in this project because they liked an Instagram post. Accepting the invitation, they took part in the project Post op de Mat, which revolves around a handcrafted wooden box – that contains letter paper, envelopes, stamps, a pencil, a sharpener, and a framed drawing were hand-delivered. Every two months, a new drawing would be gifted, and added to the box, fluidly contributing to the collection. 

“Sometimes it is easier and warmer to talk to a stranger,
No expectations nor judgement,
Just a dialogue.”

Each letter received was unique for different reasons, sometimes for its form, other times for its content, and occasionally for its ‘silence’ – the emptiness of what has not been explained or filled in.

Silence feels intolerable in Western Society. In Buddhism, silence is a necessary space for wisdom. Learning from this, how can we ‘listen to silence’? How can we open up to the feelings embedded into our bodies, trust our physical sensations and allow ourselves to get lost in them?

“Perdetevi senza aver paura, che il viaggio è lungo e il bello è proprio quello.”
(Lose yourself without fear, the journey is long, and that is the beauty of it) 

This is what dancer and movement therapist Marika Meoli invites you to do in her work La danza senza tempo (‘Dance without time’). It is a solicitation to connect to your body and what your feelings tell you, to learn how to trust them, get lost in your body, carry these sensations with you, and learn from what nature gives to you.

“Never to get lost is not to live, not to know how to get lost brings you to destruction, and somewhere in the terra incognita in between lies a life of discovery.” – Rebecca Solnit.

18/05 – 15/06

ARTISTS: Anna Püschel, Fedrik Vaessen, Gladys Zeevaarders, Marika Meoli.

Curators: Jessica Capra and Milena Dahl.
Production: Ronja Terwindt and Lars den Hertog,
Editing: Zoë Rivas Zanello. 

Opening: Saturday 18/05, from 16:00-20:00
Open on Saturdays & Sundays, from 10:30-13:30

Public Program

Book Launch: Pablo Hannon’s ‘Turbolences’
Sunday 26/05, 12:00
Free entrance.

The exhibition and the coaching of the artists involved in it is kindly supported by the Province of Limburg.


May 18 @ 4:00 pm
June 15 @ 8:00 pm
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