Unfinished worlds: Giuditta Vendrame at Villa Walberta

Villa Waldberta Palmenhaus Höhenbergstr. 25, Feldafing

We are happy to invite you to the opening of Unfinished worlds at Villa Waldberta (Palmenhaus Höhenbergstr. 25, 82340 Feldafing), a solo exhibition by artist-in-residence Giuditta Vendrame. Unfinished Worlds  Giuditta Vendrame March 18-26, 2023 Villa Waldberta - Feldafing Maps are what we use to orient ourselves, all the time, although nowadays we use digitized versions and […]


super+Centercourt adalbertstrasse 44, Munich

What do borders do, mean and look like in different parts of the world? How are they defined? Who or what should they protect? How can they be harmful? How and why might they change? " Let's talk about borders, but not only the geographical ones. " Join us on the 30th of March at […]