S.A.C. Store. Arts. Concepts. Rechtstraat 80, Maastricht, Netherlands

In Maastricht, at number 80 Rechtstraat, a new store recently opened its doors… Meet S.A.C. Store. Arts. Concepts. The woman behind this art shop, Iris, contacted us and shared her dream of supporting and providing a fresh platform for the local community of makers, creatives and artists. As we know, for young artists and creatives […]

‘The Burnout Society’

PontArte Kapoenstraat 29, Maastricht, Netherlands

‘The Burnout Society’ is an exhibition that reflects on the demands of Society, and the way it influences new generations, thanks to the perspectives of young artists in the Euregio.  “The contemporary psychic maladies, among them burnout, indicate an excess of positivity, that is not negations so much as the inability to say no; they […]