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Transient Matter

September 10, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - October 11, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

You are invited to the opening of:

Anne Büscher & Sanne Vaassen curated by Sophie-Charlotte Bombeck at Super+Centrecourt

Vernissage 10/9/2020 Exhibition 11/09. – 11/10/2020

The exhibition deals with the transience and momentum of matter.

Matter is no longer understood only as a carrier of form and idea, but emphasizes its episdemic but also cultural significance for the present or examines its semantic and historical relevance.

For both artists, contact with nature is crucial, with the artists acting as alchemists, whereby their works are an expression of artistic research. By investigating, analyzing and documenting natural phenomena, they create compositions between chance and control. While Anne Büscher works with various materials such as glass, marble, ceramics, photography, silicon, stone or immaterial energetic and at the same time volatile substances such as light and air and explores them in her artistic work. Sanne Vaassen investigates the relationship between material, object and language. The artist materializes ephemeral conversations, memories, time and their interrelations with real references to the history and immediate events of our time, opening up to the viewer forgotten traditions as well as new perspectives on social and societal phenomena.

At super+Centercourt the two artists present their works together, the materials they use are witnesses of their stay in the Villa Waldberta. Findings and objects from the immediate surroundings of the Bavarian lake district or abstracted forms of language as a momentary impression confront us. Together they escaped forms and ways of presentation, between object and exhibition furniture the works intertwine and act on the place as exhibition space itself.

The exhibition “Transient Matter” presents the two artists Anne Büscher and Sanne Vaassen from the Netherlands for the first time in the super+Centercourt. The project is a cooperation between Villa Waldberta, the Artist-in-Residence Program of the City of Munich, the exhibition space super+Centercourt and the Dutch foundation “The Artists and the others”.

The exhibition is supported by the Dutch Consulate.