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‘Something is not quite right’ curated by Ana Sous

July 8 @ 6:00 pm - July 30 @ 6:00 pm

‘Something is not quite right’
9 – 31 July 2022
OPENING: 8 July 2022, 6 PM.
We are happy to invite you to the opening of ‘Something is not quite right’ at De Meldkamer on Friday the 8th of July, at 6 PM. Curated by Ana Sous, the exhibition features the work of Amber Lalieu, Flora Lemmens, Joep Caenen & Marie Claire Krell.
The exhibition draws connections between global situations, politics and personal experiences, and how these levels can come together in shaping the way we perceive the world. It showcases works by artists who explore the relationship between the different ways in which we can perceive of the world. It circles around the sensation that ‘something is not quite right’, that there are other realities that may or may not be as true as the individual experience that each of us experiences.
“As a millennial in a Central European country, I am part of a generation that grew up in peaceful and generally safe times. The chasm of the Cold War had just come to an end, Europe was growing together, and politicians proclaimed an era of social prosperity. It was a stability that felt eternal. Social scientists even spoke of ‘the end of history’, like political scientist and political economist Francis Fukuyama.” – Curator Ana Sous.
In Europe, many teenagers and young adults have grown up with the feeling that they have always been threatened by something. However, this threat has always been difficult to grasp. Climate change, the limits of economic growth, unemployment and oversea-wars are undeniable factors, but these aspects have always been seen as somewhat detached from our daily lives.
While the most absurd conspiracy theories have fertile soil to grow on, how can nobody seem to notice when governments and multi-national companies commit the most grotesque crimes right in front of us?
How can a generation that feels detached from reality now find themselves in charge of shaping the world in which we live? How can we reconnect and question the way we perceive reality?
Recently, sudden acts of terror have burst into our consciousness with the global pandemic, the emerging far-right movement, and the war in Ukraine. The lingering terror laying in front of us hit us hard. The illusionary sense of peace collapsed, and the sense of unease felt by many over the past years manifested itself through concrete and inescapable events. Greta Thunberg said “I want you to panic” three years ago. Maybe let’s try to look and question first.” – Curator Ana Sous.


‘Something is not quite right’ is the third of the exhibition series ‘Art through the window’ initiated by the Artist and the Others. The aim is to provide space for emerging talents working in the city of Maastricht while promoting the creation of fair art practices within the artistic field.
The project gives more visibility to artists from Maastricht and creates connections to curators in the Euregion. By strengthening the professional relationship with artists, professionals, initiatives and institutions, we enhance artistic cooperation between different cities of the Euregion. The project is supported by the Municipality of Maastricht.


Artist, curator and art historian Ana Sous has been running the Atelierhaus Aachen (AHA) since August 2019. There, she works with 30 other artists to create a hub where different people can encounter one-another.​
We are happy to welcome you on Saturday and Sundays • from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
The exhibition will remain visible 24/7 to passers-by.
If you would like to visit the exhibition on your own time, email ronja@theartistandtheothers.nl to arrange a personal viewing.
We look forward to seeing you!


July 8 @ 6:00 pm
July 30 @ 6:00 pm