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Meet your Euregio: Join us in Liège

April 19, 2023 @ 2:00 pm - 6:30 pm

What opportunities are there in Liège? What kind of exhibition spaces, co-working spaces and residencies exist?

On Wednesday the 19th of April, from 14:00, we will visit the Comptoir des Resources Creatives and RAVI Artist Residency, together with our Twin Hub from Croatia, BIZkoshniça.

If you are interested in joining us, please feel welcome!

Julie Hanique will welcome us and  give us a guided tour through the Comptoir des Resounrces Creatives & Fanny Laixhay will tell us about RAVI Artist Residency.

Send us and email (hello@theartistandtheothers.nl) or contact us on Instagram to find out more and join us.

Train tickets to Liège must be purchased individually.



The Comptoir des Resources Creatives network has been active for about ten years through independent non-profit organisations in Liège, Namur, Charleroi, Mon and Verviers, offering material and immaterial services to creators.

The CRC rely on field experience to pool resources and energies, and build collective, mutual and cooperative solutions that respect the singularity of each individual.

CRC offers tools to facilitate the creation and dissemination processes at all stages of a professional career. They encourage the sharing of knowledge and the networking of creators from all disciplines, among themselves and with their partners, thus contributing to the economic and cultural dynamism of their region.

Thanks to the various CRC branches, thousands of creators are supported within the same network.

RAVI, the Résidences-Ateliers Vivegnis Internations falls within the tradition of participating in the development of the  visual arts sector, an area to which the city of Liège has devoted continual attention.

With RAVI, the city of Liège wishes to help artists develop their practice, inviting them to also take part in current debates and to engage with elements from their environment.  Wishing to engage, in a structural and sustainable dynamic way, and promote the contemporary visual arts, they ensure that the project is rooted in the city and in the neighbourhood of Saint-Léonard. They align with one of the main axis of local cultural policy, aimed at creating the conditions necessary for dialogue between artist and society. They are particularly keen to see a synergy develop between the residents and the residents and the schools in Liège. The objective of this project is to work for the dissemination of the arts in a way that establishes links between local and international levels.


April 19, 2023
2:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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