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Breaking Boundaries at “De Meldkamer”

November 4, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - November 25, 2021 @ 5:00 pm

We are excited to announce the arrival of Breaking Boundaries project at De Meldkamer in Maastricht (NL), and happy to invite you to the official opening of the exhibition!

The vernissage takes place at De Meldkamer on Thursday 4th of November from 7 pm. The opening will be live streamed from the Breaking Boundaries & De Meldkamer Instagram account.

The exhibition is curated by Davy van Gerven. On display, there are the artworks of 12 international emerging artists, which present different perspectives around the central theme of the exhibition “Travelling”.

During the opening, Scenographer and Curator Davy van Gerven will give an opening speech, and present the Meldkamer as a project space and shortly talk about his curatorial choices.

We look forward to seeing you. 

The exhibition presents the artworks of 12 artists, Gözde İlkin (TR), Sevim Sancaktar (TR), Miriam Salamander (DE), Janina Totzauer (DE), Simone Miccichè (IT), Giulia Cacciuttolo (IT), Eva Chiara Trevisan (IT), Giulio Polloniato (IT) Anne Büscher (NL), Willem de Haan (NL), Suzie van Staaveren (NL) and Jan Dirk Adams (NL).

Opening time:

The exhibition is visible 24/7 and if you would like to book a private appointment, send an email to hello@theartistandtheothers.nl

3.11 : pre-opening ( press and donors) with tea ceremony

4.11: Official opening, Join us from 7 pm

6.11 & 7.11 from 1-5 pm

13.11 & 14:11 from 1-5 pm

20.11 & 21.11 from 1-5 pm  with special tea ceremony

Travel, travelling, moving and migrating.

Migration beyond the national border – or from the village to the Metropole – is the pivotal experience of our time, as stated by John Berger.

As highlighted by Stefano Allevi,  humans have always been nomads. Originally, we had to move in order to search for food or to run away from predators – but we have never stopped since. The history of Humanity is one of migrations. And these very migrations allowed us to also evolve, learn new things, and acknowledge different perspectives.

When we travel we discover new environments, cultures, languages and encounter powerful new stimuli. This is important for our personal and professional growth, as well as for Evolution.

But in times of globalisation where ‘fast living’ makes traveling ‘normal’ – sometimes even a ‘must’ that we take for granted – are we still able to enjoy what travel brings us?

Are we aware of what we see? How do cultures, the surrounding art scenes, and people impact our perceptions? What influence do they have on us? Are we actually learning in order to pass on new knowledge to our future generations?
The pandemic and the fact we had to stop, made us reflect more on the richness that ‘travelling’ can bring.

This project, and the exhibition – created to support the career of emerging artists and young curators – aims to generate a timely conversation about what the idea of travelling means for the viewers, artists and professionals.

With the continual reformation of the arts, new currents and societal needs, Breaking Boundaries is the ‘seed’ for a New Contemporary Art World. With this project, we aim to stimulate dialogue, bring different cultures and art scenes together by proposing a more ethical, fair and sustainable model for exhibitions.

Hopefully we will harvest a positive change, together.

Accompanying the exhibition, you will find a booklet presenting information about the actual works, spaces, and interviews with the artists. It includes open questions to invite you to reflect and share your personal experience and point of view with us.

Here you can freely access the Breaking Boundaries booklet.


What is Breaking Boundaries?

BREAKING BOUNDARIES is a travelling exhibition born from an international collaboration. To contrast the difficulties faced by the cultural sector and artists all over the world last year, this project was launched by non-profit foundation The Artist and The Others in cooperation with 8 curators of 6 art spaces in 4 countries.

In September 2021, a crate by an artist Duo – Suzie van Staaveren and Jan Dirk Adams – carrying the artworks of 12 international emerging artists starts its journey from the heart of Istanbul, at Karşi Sanat, with an exhibition curated by Academic and Curator Ezgi Bakçay.

It then follows to De Meldkamer in Maastricht with an exhibition curated by Scenographer Davy van Garven, in November 2021. At the start of 2022 the crate proceeds to Italy – first stopping at Officina15, in Castiglione dei Pepoli, which hosts an exhibition curated by Writer and Curator Federica Fiumelli, and then moving on to Venice where the curatorial aspect will be in the hand of the Curatorial Duo a.topos, Fernanda Andrade and Lucia Trevisan.

In March 2022, the crate continues its trip up to Amsterdam, where the artworks are to be displayed in an exhibition curated by Art Historian and Curator Jelmer Wijnstroom at the Patty Morgan Gallery. The final exhibition is held at Super+ Centercourt, curated by Curator Sophie-Charlotte Bombeck and the Coordinator of the project Jessica Capra during Munich Art Week in September 2022.

The report by Kunstenpunt, highlights the unsustainability of the art world – both from an economic point of view and from an environmental one.
International travel has a high cost but it is also extremely necessary in the arts. Artists and arts professionals, especially young artists and curators, are often not paid adequately (or not at all). This results in individual expenses to cover transportation, accommodation and the installation of the artworks.

Is it possible to create a more sustainable Art World? How can we support artists in the early stages of their careers? Can we connect internationally by keeping the environment in mind? How can we create international dialogue in the midst of a pandemic?

Let’s create a positive change together!

BREAKING BOUNDARIES answers the urgent need for a fair model which supports artists directly and follows fair-pay guidelines. It gives emerging artists the possibility of gaining international experience and recognition. The connection with other artists, different curators in 4 countries will represent a professional backbone for the artists participating. Further, by using the artist fee guidelines provided by Platform BK, and using the transportation of the artworks as a starting point all, costs are fully covered by the project’s budget.


Breaking Boundaries artists, curators, dates and spaces.

12 artists: Gözde İlkin (TR), Sevim Sancaktar (TR), Miriam Salamander (DE), Janina Totzauer (DE), Simone Miccichè (IT), Giulia Cacciuttolo (IT), Eva Chiara Trevisan (IT), Giulio Polloniato (IT) Anne Büscher (NL), Willem de Haan (NL), Suzie van Staaveren (NL) and Jan Dirk Adams (NL).

8 Curators: Davy van Gerven (NL), Jelmer Wijnstroom (NL), Federica Fiumelli (IT), Jessica Capra (IT) Ezgi Bakçay (TR), Sophie Charlotte Bombeck (DE), Fernanda Andrade (IT) and Lucia Trevisan (IT).

Spaces and Dates:


15 September – 15 October, Karşi Sanat Calamari in Istanbul (TK)

3 November – 25 November, De Meldkamer in Maastricht (NL)


8 January – 30 January, Officina15 in Castiglione Dei Pepoli (IT)

4 February – 27 February, a.topos in Venice (IT)

11 March – 27 March, Patty Morgan in Amsterdam (NL)

3 September – 2 October, Super+ Centercourt in Munich (DE)


The project is supported by the Province of Limburg, The Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, The Dutch Consulate in Istanbul, Stroom and all the amazing donors who supported the project within our crowdfunding campaign.


November 4, 2021 @ 1:00 pm
November 25, 2021 @ 5:00 pm
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