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!! Summer School for artists !!

August 24, 2020 - August 28, 2020

Summer School:
Which professional knowledge, what skills & connections, do recently graduated artists need to develop a remarkable career?

WHEN: Monday 24th to Friday 28th of August 2020

WHERE: Maastricht & Tilburg, several locations



This Intensive Summer School focuses on new ways of learning for young artists who want to obtain valuable practical skills that their academic studies do not offer.

By giving them the possibility to gather pivotal knowledge, skills and connections, it physically supports the participants to develop themselves as professional artists by initiating and enriching their professional network.  

Through a period of 5 days, artists from across the world will be immersed in  the Dutch cultural scene together with international experts and participants.

They will learn about specific and relevant professional topics that most academies are lacking in the curriculum proposed. Participants will: 

  • Explore the dynamics of the art world and meet pivotal stakeholders.
  • Examine and reflect on career paths, the structure of the art world.
  • Obtain an outline on art world funding structures in Europe and beyond, including public funding, private sponsorship, crowdfunding and philanthropy systems.
  • Explore and develop individual career strategies and promotion skills.
  • Be introduced professionally related issues such as intellectual property, publishing, writing, rates of pay, arts management, copyright, finance and budgeting and self-resilience.
  • Discuss and share knowledge about sustainable models for artists. 
  • Discuss about the role of alternative spaces, residency and artists’ exchange opportunities.

Participants will meet up with several stakeholders such as curators, museum directors and gallerists to gain insight and become aware of the current dynamics of the international & Dutch scene. Extend their understanding of the art world, expand their connections, be inspired by different fellows and present their work/portfolio to experienced and renowned professionals. 


Are you a graduated international and local artist who wants to:

  • gain new professional knowledge and skills in the field of arts and its intersections;
  • discover and become aware of the International and Dutch artistic scene in The Netherlands;
  • connect to curators and initiatives, institutions and gallerists;
  • become inspired by a “new” cultural scene and meet other international artists;
  • develop a better understanding of possible strategies and opportunities to further develop your career.

One of the highlights of the Summer School is the contribution of international experts who are main actors in shaping and reflecting on the current art field.


Check more details here. 

Send your CV & Motivation letter to schools@theartistandtheothers.nl by June 30th. 2020



DAY 1: Monday 24th of August 2020


Location: Maastricht

10:00 -12:30 Introductory  morning & Workshop

  • presentation of the program details: goals of the summer school – objectives & aims
  • Personal introduction of participants throughout coaching 

12:30- 13:30 Lunch 

13:30 – 16:30 Workshop on presentation skills & presentation of all the artists involved to the others participants.

16:30 – 18:30   Special tour around Maastricht and its culturally revitalised  industrial area (Sphinx Quartier)

19:00 BBQ together 


Specific aims of the Day 1: 

  • Presentation skills workshop for artists by The Artist and the Others
  • Getting to know the city of Maastricht: Discovering the city and the industrial part of Maastricht


DAY 2: Tuesday 25th of August 2020


Location: Maastricht

9:00   Meeting place 

9:30 – 12:00 Discussion

  • Topic:  Independent curators & Experimental places for emerging artists  (Challenges and opportunities for young artists, professionals attitude, and the opportunity that alternative spaces offer to them and how young artists can make the most out of it)

> Meeting with Joep Vossebeld  (B32 – Bonnefantenmuseum – Oda Park Venlo) and Wouter Huis founder of Greylight projects (Heerlen & Brussels)

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch 

13:30 – 15:30 Discussion

  • Topic: Gallery or no gallery is it meaningful to have a representative gallery nowadays? How can artists gain visibility? What is the sustainability of the gallery market? Can young artists still benefit from it?

> Meeting with gallerists Marieke Severens ( Pontarte Maastricht): facing the contemporary challenges of exhibiting young artists. 

16:00 – 18:00 Tour and discussion at the Jan Van Eyck Academy

  • Topic: What is the role of a post graduate residence/ studies? What opportunity can it lead to? Is it valuable for artists nowadays? 

> Discussion with Bruno Alves de Almeida, Jan Van Eyck academy curator and Resident Liaison and some of the Van Eyck participants.

18.30 Dinner 

DAY 3: Wednesday 26 of August 2020


Location: Maastricht 

Hold by EMILIA TELESE a full day workshop 

9:00  13:00 Workshop (Session 1)

The Artist as professional: relationships between artists, society, markets and the world economy (workshop by Emilia Telese)

  • This module includes a series of lectures and hands-on group and individual activities to provide tools for working independently as a professional artist. It is designed to be non-site tff specific, offering information about the art world in different countries. 
  • The module is born out of the view that artists are professionals and should be treated as such by society, whilst themselves holding knowledge of practical matters such as rates of pay, fundraising for their practice, marketing, proposal writing and effective networking and interaction with the art world.

 The goal of the workshop:

> Introduction to the different roles and places of artists in society; the concept of artists as professionals. Work rights, concepts and ideas of being an artist in today’s economy. 

> How does the art world work, and what is the relationship between artists, their ideas and their representation in the world’s art stage? 

An outline of the contemporary art world in different countries; different kinds of art scenes and different ways artists can interact with them. 

  > Can you live by art alone? 

A practical session discussing ways in which artists can create a sustainable, independent career:

  • Making a living through art; creating a workflow of funded projects;
  • How to deal with institutions and collaborators;
  • Copyright issues;
  • Creating a self-employed practice;
  • Calculating your rate of pay;
  • Writing about art;
  • Budgeting.
  • Different aspects of fundraising from different sources;
  • The landscape of funding in Europe and beyond;
  • How to write an effective funding proposal;
  • How to create a project budget;
  • Where and how to find sources of appropriate and relevant funding.

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch 

14.00 – 18.00 Workshop (Session 2) – Project Management  (by Emilia Telese)

Content of the session: Towards new business model for Artists

Theoretical part: How to manage your career; how to create a workflow of funded projects to generate a living; how to deal with institutions and collaborators; copyright issues; creating a self-employed practice; minimising risk; calculating your rate of pay – practice sustainability.

Practical part: Project mind-mapping exercise – each student will create a mind map of their art project and this will be analysed in the session.  

I will also ask students to bring their written work description, statement, and get feedback on it. 

Each of the participants will also reflect on the management of their own career, defining their network, stakeholders and future steps. 

DAY 4: Thursday 27th of August 2020


In the partnership with SEA Foundation,  AiR- Brabant, PARK and Leo XIII
Location: Tilburg 

09.01 Transfer by train from Maastricht to Tilburg
10:45 – 13:15  Discussion 

  • Topic: What is a good portfolio nowadays? What do curators look for? 

> Meeting with Niek Hendrix & Kunstpodium T

13:15-14.00 Lunch at Kunstpodium T

14:20 – 16:30 Visit of the SEA Foundation & discussion

  • Topic: How to apply  for a residency? What is the importance of residency nowadays and how to make the most of it? How to value them? 

In cooperation also with AiR- Brabant, PARK and Leo XIII

17.00 Visit of the Museum de Pont
18.00 Dinner at  De Pont

Staying in Tilburg for the Night!


DAY 5: Friday 28th of July 2020


Location: Sea Foundation, Tilburg

10.00- 13.00 Workshop in Partnership with Platform BK 

Topic: What is a Fair Art Practice: How can artists sustain themselves?

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14:00 – 18:30 Portfolio review with different curators, gallerists & stakeholders 

Participants of the summer school will have an opportunity to personally talk to relevant stakeholders from the Netherlands and Belgium who will give them a portfolio review.  One to one feedback sessions with cultural stakeholders and professionals from different fields will allow young artists to test their practice and gain a better understanding of how to apply their work within a professional context.

19.00 Farewell  Dinner at Kunstpodium 




Send your CV & Motivation letter to schools@theartistandtheothers.nl by June 30th, 2020

Please, make sure to express in your motivation letter  ( no longer than a page) on why you are a good candidate to join the Summer School. 

The participation fee for the summer school is 450 €* (The early bird price of  400 was valid until 30th of May 2020)

This fee includes all professional trainings, accomodations* (from Sunday 24th of August to Saturday 29th of August 2020), food, transportation between Maastricht & Tilburg. 


* It is possible to pay in 4 terms.

*In case you won’t need an accomodation, please get in touch with us. 

Selection Process: 

The foundation and its partners will select the artists in order to create a diversity that can benefit all the applicants. In this way, the school will also function as a harvest hub for sharing knowledge and connecting professionals from all over the world.

The maximum number of participants is 10. This is because we aim to keep the quality as high as possible, and in this way, wIth a close group, participants have the chance to initiate in depth discussion and tutors will have the time to focus on each of them. 

at the same time, with a smaller group, we will be able to respect all the norms in action for preventing the spreading of the Covid-19.


The summer school is initiated by The Artist and the Others and Kunstpodium T, and realised thanks to the financial support of Maastricht Municipality and the Province of Brabant. 


August 24, 2020
August 28, 2020
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